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About Us

Founded by the principal, Phillip Ingold and Billie Colley, We are a home construction and renovation company focusing on kitchen and bathroom remodeling. Armed with an architectural education, design, and 25 years of construction experience, we are here to serve you in both South and North Carolina.

Colley&Ingold have started their renovation journey in 2001.  They left their corporate architecture jobs in order to follow their passion of renovating old houses.  Their respect for art, architecture and history lead them into the path of renovation industry.  Their first project in NODA got a lot of recognition (in Charlotte Observer, 2001).

Our Mission is:                                         On Time . On Budget . On Point and, Always On The Ball


Contact us to arrange a personal view and consultation at,

704-256-4000 or



Why Us


We are the experts in our field but that is not why you should hire us.  You should work with us because,

renovation is not our job, it is our passion. We want to create the best space for the available budgets.

We are here to help you to get the most out of your project while enjoying the process.

Our process is thorough:  Once we receive an inquiry;

  • We visit the project site.

  • We evaluate the conditions and review the design drawings (if available).

  • We price the project according to the initial conversation, drawings, etc.

  • Once our quote is ready, we schedule a meeting with the project owners to discuss the project.

  • We work with you and/or your designer/architect in order to fine-tune your project.

  • We work with you to finalize the budget.

  • We permit your drawings and manage the city inspection process.  We make sure that our projects are built to satisfy the International Building and Local Codes at a minimum.

  • We manage your project from the beginning to the end, ensuring that your project is completed on time and on budget.

  • We manage our team of highly experienced carpenters, craftsmen, engineers, and installers.  Our trade relationships go a far back as 20+ years.

  • We work on small and large projects in North and South Carolina.

  • Ultimately, we work with our clients in order to achieve your desired outcome.


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GPI Sustainable, LLC. is a NARI Member

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured General Contractor


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